Vector Control, Saving Lives

Dr Sarah Rees

Public Health Portfolio Manager

email: sarah [dot] rees [at] ivcc [dot] com

Sarah manages the IVCC portfolio of development projects aimed at producing new active ingredients with novel modes of action for sustainable vector control. She focuses on products that have been shown to have an impact in blocking indoor transmission such as LLINs and long lasting IRS formulations. Sarah works closely with industrial and academic partners.

Sarah joins IVCC following a 30 year career in agrochemical research and development with Syngenta and its legacy companies.  She has held a variety of biotechnology and crop protection R&D roles and has considerable experience in technical management and portfolio leadership in all aspects of product development, from the generation and evaluation of ideas to project management from discovery through to launch. Sarah has a degree in Plant Sciences from King’s College, London and a PhD in Phytochemical Insect Antifeedants from Reading University.