Vector Control, Saving Lives

Building partnerships

  • Admiral Tim Ziemer, President's Malaria Initiative

    Admiral Tim Ziemer, President's Malaria Initiative

    The US government is committed to the partnership with IVCC, Read the full quote
  • Bringing people together

    Every year Stakeholders gather together from across the glob Bringing people together
  • John Lucas, Sumitomo Chemical

    John Lucas, Sumitomo Chemical

    Of the public-private partnerships I’ve worked with, IVCC is Read the full quote
  • A diverse group of Stakeholders

    We innovate for impact with a unique network of vector contr
  • Raphael N'Guessan, Medical Entomologist, Benin

    Raphael N'Guessan, Medical Entomologist, Benin

    There are challenges that we could not have easily overcome Read the full quote
  • Egon Weinmueller (3rd left), BASF, IVCC Stakeholder Day 2014

    Egon Weinmueller, BASF

    The co-operation with IVCC enables us to develop projects fo Read the full quote
  • Aboulaye Diabaté, IRSS, Burkina Faso

    It’s about looking at new products that will really help to Read the full quote

How we work

IVCC is a Product Development Partnership. We are a small team of experts who work with a large number of other experts from all over the world.
We are only as strong as our partnerships.

Our partners

Since our formation in 2005 IVCC has worked with partners from the public and private sector. We work with experts in industry and academia, and with committed funders and other ngos and non-profit organisations. We also work with field trial site centres in sub-Saharan Africa.

What people say about us

The partnership with IVCC is vitally important to LITE. When a new project comes to IVCC we talk about the type of testing that’s needed and the type of mosquitoes that we need in the test. Then a schedule of work is turned into a protocol and the testing is scheduled into our programme.
Helen Williams, LITE Manager
There are challenges that we could not have easily overcome without IVCC. At the beginning of when we started working we were struggling to develop some of the products. Now we have products that we scientists could not have achieved without interacting directly with companies to achieve one goal. We look forward to collaborating with IVCC and to deliver on their promise.
Raphael N'Guessen, Medical Entomologist, Benin