Vector Control, Saving Lives

How we work

IVCC is a Product Development Partnership. We are a small team of experts who work with a large number of other experts from all over the world.
We are only as strong as our partnerships.

The agro-chemical companies we are working with are world leaders and, with our help, they are applying all their technical expertise and experience to find the new solutions we need.

Our Experts Scientific Advisory Committees (ESACs) are a group of independent experts with substantial technical and scientific skills and experience in all aspects of product development related to our work. They initially set the criteria for new products—a Target Product Profile—which is a detailed specification for the new public health products we are developing.

So, for example, the TPP for new anti-malarial insecicides will be closely targeted to ensure they are safe for the environment and for the people who will benefit from them. The safety criteria are much higher than past standards, reflecting generally the greater concerns today for health and the environment.