Vector Control, Saving Lives

Delivering the mission

At IVCC we’re passionate about finishing the job we were set up to do. We’ve already travelled a long way since the initial challenge by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop new vector control tools. New longer-lasting insecticide formulations and diagnostic tools are already at work where they matter most.

And, following extensive work by our industrial partners, we have a full pipeline of new insecticide compounds ready to be taken to full development. When this is complete, in around 2022 or possibly before, we will have three new active ingredients—each with a novel mode of action.

These new active ingredients will revolutionise public health vector control. There has been no new public health insecticide for over 30 years and these compounds will form the basis of a whole new generation of insecticides, safe for people and the environment.  At last we will be able to seriously challenge insecticide resistance so that it is no longer a threat.

These new insecticides will form a protective shield around vulnerable populations as new drugs, vaccines and diagnostics do their work. Together we can eradicate the scourge of malaria once and for all. That’s our vision. Nothing else will suffice.

We’re proud of the achievements we have made in the short time of our existence. None of them would have been possible without the initial vision and the commitment of our funders and partners. We are thankful for their willingness to rise to the challenge, face the risks, and shoulder the responsibility of getting the job done.

For us, and for our partners, this is not just an academic exercise or a commercial proposition. It is about saving the lives of millions of people. It is about making people healthy. It is about increasing prosperity of some of the poorest communities on our planet.

Every life matters. That’s why we are committed to delivering the mission and finishing the job.