Vector Control, Sauver des Vies


The External Scientific Advisory Committees (ESACs) provide expert specialist technical assessments of IVCC's portfolio of products, including project selection, transition and termination. They provide advice to the IVCC management team during periodic reviews of the projects.

Membership of the ESACs is through nomination of candidates (external to any partner institution) with the required expertise and consensual discussion and agreement between the IVCC partner institutions. The ESACs meet formally a minimum of twice a year. IVCC also calls on advice from members of the ESAC from time to time in an ad hoc capacity.

The Public Health Products ESAC provides advice to commercially orientated insecticide-based projects.

The Information Systems ESAC provides advice to data management, monitoring and dissemination projects.

The New Paradigms in Vector Control ESAC provides advice on new paradigms in vector control.

The Diagnostic Tools and Data Management ESAC reviews proposals and monitors project advancement in vector control diagnostic tools and data management.


The ESACs evaluate all project outputs against specific, objective criteria. The four main indicators are:

  • Will the products be used to reduce vector borne disease transmission and where do they fit into current activities?
  • Will the product be bought for, purchased or accepted by disease endemic countries in the developing world to help them reduce disease transmission?
  • Is there a credible regulatory pathway for the products and are the outputs in compliance with this?
  • Can the products be sensibly produced in a format that facilitates global access to this technology?

Terms of reference

The Terms of Reference for each ESAC can be downloaded from the links on this page.