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Annual reports

Annual report 2015-16

Chairman's Statement 2015-2016


This year has marked both a turning point and a period of growth for IVCC. The original objective of developing with industry partners three new resistance beating insecticides looks to be within reach.

By the end of the year we had four new compounds going through the predevelopment phase so that we can now be reasonably confident that the initial goal can be achieved. That goal was funded by an initial generous five year grant of $50 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), followed by a further similar five year grant.

Although there remain some gaps to achieve the full development funding we can be much more confident that with the cooperation of our industry the development of the three new compounds is achievable. For the first time this year, IVCC funding from the BMGF has fallen to below fifty percent. This is in no way due to a decrease in funding from our original funders as indeed we have just received our third and largest grant of $75 million over five years from BMGF. It is rather due to an increase in funding from others such as UKAID, USAID and most notably a $64 million grant from UNITAID.

Along with this additional funding comes a widening of areas of work so that the development and regulatory approval of the new active ingredients is accelerated as well as supporting disease endemic countries in the application of new insecticide. This includes NgenIRS, which is hosted by IVCC and funded by UNITAID.

Great thanks and congratulations are due to the small but growing IVCC team led by CEO Nick Hamon. IVCC is a unique networked organisation with staff located in the UK, France, Norway and the US. It is a great credit to Nick and the team that they have handled the challenges of working in a virtual organisation, building and maintaining close contacts and relationships with both our industrial partners and our funders, who are themselves located in many countries and time zones. Thanks to this and to continued support from industrial partners and funders, we can look to the future with considerable confidence.

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart


A printed copy of the Annual report is available on request.