Vector Control, Sauver des Vies

Creating solutions

  • IQK trial with a partner in Ethiopia

    IQKs are helping spray programs monitor their effectiveness. Read more
  • We support feld trial sites in rural Africa

    Field trial sites are the key to making sure that what works Read more
  • New formulations fight insecticide resistance

    New anti-malaria insecticide formulations help control progr Read more
  • A diverse group of Stakeholders

    We innovate for impact with a unique network of vector contr
  • We bring together world experts

    Our Expert Scientific Advisory Committees are actively invol Read more
  • Every life saved makes a difference

    Lives are being saved through Vector Control, and many lives
  • Collecting data for disease control

    The Disease Data Management System (DDMS) provides versatile Read more

The challenges

Insect-borne disease is not new. It has a long history and a long battle with humankind.