Vector Control, Sauver des Vies

Access to products

The core mission of IVCC is development of Vector Control products – acceptable, affordable and available for use in low income settings.  IVCC is not an implementer of Vector Control solutions but a catalyst for innovation—ensuring new products are developed. However, throughout the process of innovation, a central consideration is maximising the impact of the innovation for end-users.

Although there exist well developed infrastructure and capacity for implementation there are particular issues with regard to new vector control solutions. As new anti-malaria insecticides become available it will be important to manage the use oif these new products in order to prevent a newe round of insecticide resistance from developing.

The coordinated set of activities needed to ensure that the products developed are affordable, available and acceptable in the places where they are needed is what we mean by Access. Properly done, access ensures that innovation will not only have the maximum public health impact for which the products are designed, but also an equitable impact amongst all countries and people that need them.

Ultimately new products will only achieve impact if they are integrated into country level control programs. IVCC is working to engage all stakeholders in discussions about access to new products, and how to achieve the maximum impact for end-users.