Vector Control, Sauver des Vies


Collecting data for DDMS in an African village

What we’ve achieved 


IVCC is launched with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop new vector control tools.

Partnerships formed with industry to evaluate over four million potential insecticide compounds.


Academic institutions engaged to explore vector control insecticide resistance options.

African trial sites and new insectaries established to provide industry standard testing of new vector control products.


Diagnostic system for insecticide resistance detection developed and in operation with disease control programmes in Africa.


Two new long-lasting indoor residual spray formulations launched, to expand the range of vector control tools for challenging insecticide resistance.

Launch of insecticide quantification kits to monitor spray programme implementation.

Nine classes of novel active ingredients identified and ready for final development.

What’s next

Ongoing exploration of new vector control paradigms to deal with outdoor biting insects.

New bednets incorporating two insecticides to counter growing insecticide resistance.

Crop protection insecticide repurposed as a new
long-lasting indoor spray formulation.

New paradigm for outdoor vector control identified.

Three new insecticides with novel modes of action approved for public health use form the basis for a new generation of insecticides that will counter future insecticide resistance and underpin a global malaria eradication programme.