Vector Control, Sauver des Vies

Insecticide Quantification Kit (IQK)

Quality assurance of insecticide programmes has proven challenging as, previously, indoor residual spraying (IRS) programmes and insecticide treated bednets were tested using live mosquitoes or high performance liquid chromatography. To make testing simpler and more practical IVCC has developed Insecticide Quantification Kits (IQKTM).

These kits are chemical or enzyme-based assays that cover the insecticide classes most commonly used in IRS programmes. They assess the level of insecticide that is present on the sprayed surfaces. By ensuring that the surfaces have been sprayed correctly, these vector control tools can continue to protect the lives of thousands of people.

IVCC has licensed a South African company, Avima (Pty) to manufacture and market the IQKTM.  In August 2013 a team from IVCC and Avima visited Ethiopia to demonstrate the IQKTM. The demonstration was hosted by Abt associate’s IRS programme using the Carbamate Insecticide Quantification Kit.

The IQKTM performed effectively and proved straightforward to use, even by a team that was unfamiliar with the product. The Abt team was also able to provide comprehensive user feedback about the kits after using them in the field, which was broadly positive and will be used when applying further product development.

A further field demonstration that took place in November 2013 in Mozambique was highly succesful.

The IQKTM was demonstrated at the international malaria conference MIM 2013 in Durban, and received widespread interest from malaria control program managers.