Vector Control, Sauver des Vies

Trial sites and insectaries

With support from IVCC several trial sites and insectaries in the UK and Africa now meet industry standards for testing insecticides and other products against insecticide resistant mosquitoes.

Prior to IVCC’s involvement, although many trial sites and insectaries had a great deal of value in product development, they were primarily research focused.

IVCC facilitates regular communication between industry partners and all the trial sites to guarantee they deliver on product testing.

The Entomological Research Centre of Cotonou, Benin (CREC)

IVCC works directly with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine staff at CREC. As a result of this collaboration, resources and processes have greatly improved. Following a number of IVCC courses, CREC has refurbished its laboratories and offices. Further to this they have developed sets of standard operating procedures for their testing activities and a more systematic approach to generating data.

Liverpool Insecticide Testing Establishment (LITE)

LITE is a world class insecticide testing laboratory based in Liverpool and funded by IVCC. It conducts routine insecticide testing using a range of different bioassays. Scientists have access to a number of characterised resistant mosquito colonies, an asset that sets LITE apart from laboratories working in similar areas.

L’Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé, Burkino Faso (IRSS)

IRSS was helped by IVCC to develop its standard operating procedures and IVCC continues to provide guidance to improve laboratory procedures in line with commercial partner requirements.

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College, Tanzania (KCMC)

In Tanzania work is underway to obtain full GLP accreditation, a first for an African lab. IVCC is working directly with staff at KCMC to develop a plan for accreditation, as well as funding this exciting new venture.

Le Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques, Côte d’Ivoire (CSRS)

IVCC has helped CSRS develop standard operating procedures and is regularly in contact to advise on what industrial partners need from them.