Vector Control, Sauver des Vies

New Vector Control tools

Actellic CS

This new non-pyrethroid insecticide formulation extends the residual effect of indoor residual spraying, providing an alternative to pyrethroid insecticides and reducing overall IRS costs and minimising disruption

K-Othrine Polyzone

This new formulation of an existing pyrethroid insecticide extends the residual impact of the insecticide and requires fewer applications, reducing malaria control program spraying costs, and minimising disruption to families.

IQK (Insecticide Quantification Kits)

Indoor residual spray programs now have a simple and cost effective way to confirm the quality of spraying, ensuring houses and families are properly protected

DDMS (Disease Data Management System)

The Disease Data Management System (DDMS) facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of malaria interventions that are essential for understanding the progress, success and challenges facing disease control. Watch the video here

Insecticide testing sites

With support from IVCC several trial sites and insectaries in the UK and Africa now meet industry standards for testing insecticides and other products against insecticide resistant mosquitoes.

New insecticides

A search of over four million chemical compounds by IVCC agrochemical partners identified nine classes of novel active chemical ingredient that will form the basis of new resistance-busting insecticides.

Combination bednets

The challenge of pyrethroid resistant mosquitoes is met by long-lasting bednets impregnated with a combination of active ingredients with different modes of action