Vector Control, Sauver des Vies

What we do

A village in Rwanda learns about the NgenIRS project

NgenIRS is working towards the establishment of a sustainable, competitive and growing market for effective 3GIRS products at affordable prices.

We want to make the most effective, long lasting insecticides available to malaria control programmes to support insecticide resistance management strategies.

To achieve this we are addressing key barriers to Access through market shaping interventions:

  •  Demand: accelerating uptake of 3GIRS products

  •  Market Stability: improving global forecasts for 3GIRS products

  •  Competition and IRM: facilitating the introduction of competition with new quality-assured products from several manufacturers

  •  Affordability: reducing 3GIRS prices through co-payments, reliable and guaranteed forecasts 

  • Evidence: producing evidence to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of 3GIRS products

By the end of the project in December 2019:

  • The market will be stable and growing

  • Prices will have dropped

  • At least 18 African countries will be procuring approximately 3.3 million units of 3GIRS

  • Over 50% of the total volume of IRS being used in Africa will be 3GIRS

  • Expectation of three products to be available for use as part of an effective resistance management strategy

  • At least 26 million people will be protected in 2019