Vector Control, Sauver des Vies

External Advisory Committee (EAC)

The EAC provides expert specialist technical assessments of the NgenIRS programme and advice to the team during periodic reviews of the projects.

Membership of the EAC is through nomination of candidates (external to any partner institution) with the required expertise and consensual discussion and agreement between the NgenIRS partners. The EAC meet formally a minimum of twice a year. NgenIRS also calls on advice from members of the EAC from time to time in an ad hoc capacity.

The EAC will provide advice related to the management and implementation of NgenIRS within the context of semi-annual reviews and annual planning of program activities including but not limited to:

• Adoption of new products and partners

• Measuring resistance, and resistance management, including IRM in conjunction with LLINs

• Procurement forecasting and advance purchase commitments

• Measuring impact/cost-effectiveness

• Coordination and interface with multiple donors, national malaria programmes, commercial partners, implementers and international organisations