Vector Control, Saving Lives

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25 April 2015
Robert Sloss

Working with industry to develop new active ingredients

It has been my privilege to work with the scientists from Bayer, Sumitomo and Syngenta who are developing the new insecticide active ingredients for vector control. Eight years ago when IVCC was formed we didn’t know whether the companies would be interested in this venture. We now know that they are both interested and willing to allow some of the best and most dedicated scientists in their companies to look for the new insecticides we so desperately need.

Each of these companies is very different. They have their own unique culture and each company has approached the challenge differently. Quite rightly, they use their own tried and tested methods to tackle the problem.

But three things link the scientists in these teams. They have all demonstrated professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to the goal.   

Individually the companies have been very open to IVCC and our Expert Scientific Advisory Committee. They have willingly shared all the information we have needed to help steer the projects, although for obvious commercial reasons there is strict secrecy between them.

This is a unique co-operative programme that will deliver the future products that vector control needs. Ultimately it will have an enormous impact on the lives of people in areas where malaria is such a scourge. 

Editor’s note:

Dr Robert Sloss has been with IVCC since its inception in 2005 and has played a major part in getting the public health portfolio to the place where several novel active ingredients are going into the final development phase. He retired on 31 March 2015. IVCC and his many friends in the vector control community wish him a long and happy retirement.