Vector Control, Saving Lives

Turning Good Ideas into excellent products

African researcher looking for mosquito larvae
03 June 2015
Jed Stone

It's one thing to have a GOOD IDEA, and quite another thing to put it into practise. IVCC's partners and lots of would-be-partners have been at the forefront of good ideas to further the benefits of vector control in pushing back insect-borne diseases like malaria. Not all of them have gone all the way into development—product development partnerships like IVCC exist to nurture the good ideas that can go all the way into development of a practical product that works where it matters most.

One of the keys to IVCC's success in evaluating and managing new ideas has been the input of Expert Scientific Advisory Committees (ESACs). This is shorthand for getting the best minds in the world together to evaluate proposals and then guide succesful projects through their various stages to completion. Each project begins with a proof of concept stage, when the basic idea is tried and tested. If it demonstrates that it works it is further supported to see if the idea will work scaled up. Sometimes good ideas that seem excellent at a small scale don't work so well in the vast expanses and diverse setting of sub-Saharan Africa.

So IVCC is pleased to have secured the services of some more experts to help evaluate proposals and monitor the development of vector control diagnostic tools and data management projects.This new ESAC will join our tried and tested ESACs in Public Health Products and New Paradigms in Vector Control.

The initial team is comprised of

One of its first task will be to agree the terms of reference of the ESAC, followed by some proposal evaluations.

Watch this space to see GOOD IDEAS being developed into excellent products.