Vector Control, Saving Lives

Silas Majambere joins IVCC as Senior Scientist

Dr Silas Majambere
03 September 2015

IVCC is pleased to welcome Silas Majambere to the team, taking the role of Senior Scientist.

Silas is a medical entomologist with 10 years of field experience in mosquito behaviour and control. He worked on malaria vectors during his Masters degree at Wageningen University, before completing a PhD at Durham University, UK. During this time he managed a large project, based in The Gambia, West Africa, looking at the impact of using microbial larvicides for the control of malaria vectors

Silas has worked in Tanzania, based at the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), and supported National Malaria Control Programs in Zanzibar and Burundi.

Welcoming Silas to IVCC, Nick Hamon, IVCC CEO, said: ‘I’m delighted to welcome Silas to the IVCC team. IVCC’s mission to deliver new public health tools and solutions is at an exciting stage in its lifecycle after 10 years, with several new active ingredients entering the development phase and a portfolio of repurposed IRS and LLIN options recently delivered or in the pipeline. Silas will play a vital part in helping IVCC finish the task it was set up to do, delivering on its mission of saving lives through vector control technology.’

Silas said: ‘I am delighted to join IVCC at these exciting times when new insecticides for vector control are in the development pipeline, and IVCC is also focusing on new vector control tools to address residual and outdoor malaria transmission, both necessary to achieve malaria elimination. I look forward to being part of this team with the noble aim of saving lives.’