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Children from Yemo Karaga village

News from Yemo Karaga village, Ghana

16 August 2017

The Yemo Karaga village is situated in Karaga district in the northern region of Ghana. The district was sprayed this year, 2017 as a result of the NgenIRS co-payment mechanism that allowed PMI AIRS to increase coverage in Ghana, returning to a district where they were forced to pull out due to the high cost of insecticides.  The village chief Abukari Mahama, his village elders and community members expressed their sincere gratitude that their village was sprayed this year. They reportedly sleep better, have fewer insects in their houses and are healthier now.

Click on the link to read more.. PMI AIRS Returns to Ghana’s Karaga District


Villagers from Yemo Karaga, NgenIRS and PMI AIRS project staff