Vector Control, Saving Lives

IRS up close

During the launch of the NgenIRS project in Kigali, Rwanda participants had the opportunity to visit field sites where members from the PMI/AIRS IRS country teams were spraying the indoor surfaces of houses.

30 September 2016

They experienced first hand how indoor residual spraying (IRS) is operationalized in the field, met communities and talked to the spray teams.  Actellic® 300CS, a 3rd generation IRS (3GIRS) product was used to protect communities at risk of malaria. The entire process from preparation, application, data capture and taking care of spray equipment and clothing were observed. An eye opening experience for those who visited field operations for the first time and a reminder to others that indoor residual spraying (IRS) impacts real people who’s lives matter, no matter how young or old. The commitment from politicians, spray teams, supervisors and communities to make a difference was tangible and a great experience to compliment the launch the project.

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