Vector Control, Saving Lives

Tripling country partners

Inquisitive children in Ethiopia

In the first year of the project 2016, NgenIRS supported PMI/AIRS to either expand use or maintain coverage of IRS using a 3GIRS product, Actellic® 300CS in Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda and Zambia under the co-payment agreement.

05 January 2017

In 2016, eight new country partners signed up, tripling the number of countries for inclusion in 2017, Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Uganda and Zimbabwe totalling 12 countries.

NgenIRS will also support two Global Fund Primary Recipents: AngloGold Ashanti in Ghana and the National Malaria Control Programme in Mozambique.

In 2017 NgenIRS support will result in over 21 million vulnerable people being protected with 3GIRS, 5.5 million more than would have been possible with out NgenIRS support.