Vector Control, Saving Lives

Svetlana Ryazanskaya

Project Manager

emailSvetlana [dot] Ryazanskaya [at] ivcc [dot] com

Svetlana joined IVCC in May 2018 as a Project Manager leading multiple projects in IVCC’s product development portfolio. After graduating from the First Pavlov’s Medical University in St. Petersburg, Svetlana completed her PhD in Cell Biology and Human Sciences at the University of Manchester. Following her PDRA research at the University of Manchester, Svetlana went on to work for Unilever as a Senior R&D Manager and Advanced Separation and Characterisation Team Leader. There she focused on building strategic partnerships with academia, external laboratories, Global R&D experts, including cross-fertilisation of ideas between Academia and Industry. She led an expanding team of experts in Advances Separation and Characterisation Analytical Science, enabling delivery of Discover programmes in Unilever R&D Globally.