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Vector Control

IVCC’s mission is to facilitate innovative approaches to preventing vector-borne diseases by directly targeting the vector which transmits the disease.

Where vector control has been consistently applied in the past (2010-2015), the results have been impressive, with 78% of averted clinical cases of malaria being attributed to insecticidal treated nets and Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS). However, the success of vector control tools is threatened by the development and spread of insecticide resistance.

IVCC is working with a range of partners to facilitate the development of novel and improved public health insecticides, formulations and products to address these challenges.

Malaria is caused by Plasmodium parasites, which are spread to people through the bites of infected Anopheles mosquitoes.

Malaria can, and often does, have a devastating effect on the health, well-being and prosperity of people and communities in malaria-endemic regions.

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a diverse group of diseases that affect people living in tropical and subtropical conditions.

Populations living in poverty, without adequate sanitation and in close contact with infectious vectors are the worst affected.

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Zika Grand Challenge

University/Research Base


Good Laboratory Practice

Crec, Cotonou

New Nets Project

NNP Pilot Country 


Cote D'Ivoire

New Nets Project

NNP Pilot Country 


Zika Grand Challenge

Fieldwork Site

Insecticide Discovery & Development

Industry Partner


Zika Grand Challenge

Fieldwork Site


Zika Grand Challenge

Fieldwork Site


Zika Grand Challenge

Fieldwork Site


Zika Grand Challenge

Fieldwork Site

Puerto Rico

Zika Grand Challenge

Fieldwork Site


Zika Grand Challenge

University/Research Base


Zika Grand Challenge

Fieldwork Site


Zika Grand Challenge

University/Research Base


Zika Grand Challenge

University/Research Base


Insecticide Discovery & Development

Industry Partner


Insecticide Discovery & Development

Industry Partner

Product Development

Industry Partner


Product Development

Industry Partner


Product Development

Industry Partner

Papua New Guinea

Indo-Pacific Initiative

IPI Focus Country

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IVCC Appoints Nick Hamon as CEO

The IVCC Board of Trustees has appointed a new CEO, Dr...

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UKAID Support New Anti-Malaria Insecticide Development

IVCC receives £12 million...

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Listening and Learning at MIM 2013

IVCC’s stakeholder event in 2013 took place at MIM...

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Bayer CropScience & IVCC Offer New Malaria Tool

Bayer CropScience and IVCC...

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Royal Society Pfizer Award for IVCC Partner

A long-time collaborator of IVCC and LSTM has been...

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WHO Recommends Syngenta's New Long-Lasting Insecticide

Syngenta and IVCC...

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IVCC Scientists in the UK Top 100

A list published by the Science Council last week reveals...

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Preserving the Impact

One of the keys to IVCC's success over the past few years has been the bringing...

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It's Not Just Data

There's a lot of work goes into a good experimental hut trial...

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Enthusiasm and Commitment The Common Link

Over the past few years it's...

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No Single Solution to Eradication of Malaria: Dr Magill

The current control paradigm...

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New Vector Control Products 'Critical'

IVCC’s mission to bring new effective products to...

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'It's Up To Us To Deliver': Vector Control Challenge

A personal view of the...

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Lady Lever Art Provides Backdrop for Stakeholder Event

Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port...

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World's Shortest Job Description: Eradicate Malaria

A personal view of the...

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At the Service of a Great Cause: Eradicating Malaria

After half a working lifetime in...

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Lois Rossi Joins IVCC in Regulatory Strategy Role

IVCC is pleased to welcome Lois Rossi to its team.

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Parliament Urges Continued Commitment to Fight Malaria

Parliamentary report urges...

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Eradicating Malaria Makes Good Business Sense

Creating healthy & prosperous...

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ESAC Chairman Elected to National Academy of Sciences

He was chosen in recognition...

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Princess Royal Opens New IVCC Offices

IVCC will shortly be moving to new offices within the...

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New Anti-Malarial Insecticides for Bednets

Reports in Time magazine today (Jan 13, 2015)...

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IVCC Bridging the Gap Play Icon

Developing Local Vector Control Expertise in Africa

I spent the day with the...

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Accelerating Development of New Insecticides

Even though we know how...

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Malaria Insecticide Entering Early Development Phase

IVCC joined Syngenta Crop...

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Regulation Must Protect but Not Stifle Innovation

Pesticide regulation.

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Why the Words We Use Matters

Why the words we use and the way we...

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How Close Are We to Eradicating Malaria?

The scientific community is divided on...

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Just Around the Corner May Be In Sight

As I discovered recently, while visiting Forde Abbey, a 12th...

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All Mosquitoes are Not Equal

Possibly the most important malaria-transmitting mosquito...

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Crossing the finish line Play Icon

World Mosquito Day Announcement from Sumitomo & IVCC

Sumitomo Chemical & IVCC...

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African Scientists are the Key to African Challenges

Is it time to recognise that...

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LLINs - Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets

Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) have a substantial...

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Mosquito Nets Increase Agricultural Productivity

Mosquito nets have saved millions of lives since they ha...

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Scientistsare the Unsung Heroes of Our Age

Millions of lives will continue to...

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£1B Ross Fund Will Boost the Fight Against Malaria

Malaria R&D will be boosted by...

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Insecticide Resistance: The Tipping Point Play Icon

IVCC What is Vector Control? Play Icon

$65M Boost for New Insecticide Use in Africa

A new $65 million initiative to...

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The Menace of Zika

Zika virus is the latest vector borne disease to hit the...

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Don't Take Our Word for It—Vector Control Saves Lives

Malaria rates halved in...

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Major Grant Awarded to IVCC

IVCC announce that it has received its 3rd & largest grant...

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Science Magazine Highlights IVCC Challenge

Science Magazine features...

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Heroic Chemistry Play Icon

Novel Mosquito Net Marks Breakthrough in New LLINs

A novel mosquito net...

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Still Time to Battle Insecticide Resistance

'We must take advantage of the time we now...

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Mosquito Resistance a Growing Concern, says WHO

Mosquito resistance to...

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Secretary of State Announces £25M Fund for IVCC

IVCC is to receive new funding...

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WHO World Malaria Report 2016 Highlights Vector Control

Despite growing mosquito...

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Working in Partnership with Syngenta

IVCC this week attended Syngenta’s 2017 Good Growth...

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IVCC Delivers Good Laboratory Practice to Africa

IVCC has helped...

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Thanks to Heroic Scientists Working to Beat Malaria

IVCC would be nothing...

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Introducing IVCC: Vector Control, Saving Lives Play Icon

NgenIRS Play Icon

IVCC Supports World Pest Day

IVCC is delighted to support the inaugural “World Pest Day”...

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Tech Update June 2017

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IVCC Announces Game-Changing Mosquito Net

IVCC announce a new LLIN has received a recommendation...

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Interceptor® G2 and Insecticide Resistance

Although I have never lived in Africa, I’ve travelled there...

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Tech Update July 2017

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Innovation that Could Help Save Lives

A proposal for a new mechanism to stimulate public...

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Tech Update August 2017

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Tech Update Sept 2017

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What Next for Zika?

A Public Health Emergency of International Concern?

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Mosquitos - A Personal Perspective

Dr Graham Small shares his perspective on Mosquitos...

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Sumitomo Chemical & IVCC Deliver Brand New IRS

Sumitomo Chemical & IVCC...

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Tech Update November 2017

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IVCC Secures Partnership Role with Abt Associates

IVCC is pleased to announce...

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A New Insecticide to be Used to Fight Malaria

Unitaid, IVCC & Japan’s SCC are excited to announce the use...

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Tech Update March 2018

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Agriculture Industry Unites to Help Eradicate Malaria

In coming together...

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IVCC Secures a $18.75M Grant

IVCC secures a $18.75m grant to help eradicate malaria and...

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ZERO by 40 Introduction Play Icon

Tech Update May 2018

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Fighting Insecticide Resistance in Ghana

Ghana shares their story using SumiShield® 50WG

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Reality of Rotation of Insecticdes

Rotation of 3GIRS insecticides in full swing.

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MIM Conference, April 2018

Mozambique Randomized Control Trial

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Working with Partners to Expand the Evidence Base

In the last two years, NgenIRS has been...

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Ghana is Spraying Prisons

All prisons in Ghana targeted for IRS spraying

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Tech Update September 2018

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IVCC to Lead $66M Initiative

IVCC to lead a consortium of partners on a ground-breaking...

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NgenIRS at ASTMH, 2018

The 67th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical...

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Analysis on New IRS Product SumiShield® 50WG in Ghana

NgenIRS partners with Ghana’s AGAMal programme...

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IVCC Welcomes Bayer’s New IRS Solution

IVCC has welcomed the WHO Pre-Qualification...

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Tech Update January 2019

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IVCC Supports Good Laboratory Practice

External Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Tech Update March/ April 2018

IVCC Grant News

New Nets Project Press Release

Fludora Fusion Press Release

GLP Certification

NgenIRS at VCWG 2019

The RBM Vector Control Working Group...

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Progress Towards Malaria Elimination Goals

Say Tchau Tchau to Malaria in the Southern African Region

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IRS, Expanding the Evidence Base

IRS with organophosphate, in addition...

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MMH and the Fight Against Malaria

The Mulanje Mission Hospital (MMH) works closely...

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Annual Report 2017-2018

Fludora Fusion IVCC Final

ASTMH 2018 NgenIRS Mozambique Poster

ASTMH 2018_NgenIRS Ghana Poster

ASTMH18 MDA + IRS Uganda Dorothy Echodu

ASTMH18 MDA + IRS Zambia Thom Eisele

ASTMH18 NgenIRS Mali Poster

ASTMH18 SMC + IRS Mali Seydou Fomba

ASTMH18 Understanding Impact IRS+MDA Ellie Sherrard-Smith & Hannah Slater

ZERO by 40 – Press Release

ZERO by 40 – Commitment

Professor John Picket Chairing IVCC ESAC1

Tech Update March 2019

Tech Update May 2018

Tech Update September 2018

Tech Update January 2019

Finish Line Brochure

APPMG Annual Report 2014

Lois Rossi Appointment Press Release

Leading Scientist List

Actellic CS product sheet

Nick Hamon Appointment

DflD Award Announcement

Mathias Mondy

Dr Nick Hamon

Dr Tom McLean

Syngenta Insecticide Press Release

IVCC Annual Report 2013-2014

K-Othrine Polyzone

Dr Derric Nimmo

Dr Svetlana Ryazanskaya

Chris Larkin

Lynn Byrne

Fred Yeomans

Dr Jason Richardson

Abt IVCC Contract November 2017

Sumishield IVCC Press Release October 2017

VERV Press Release

Dr Julian Entwistle

Dr Graham Small

World Pest Day Press Release

Interceptor G2 Press Release

Malaria Q & A

Malaria Fact Sheet

Dr Sarah Rees

IVCC & Sumitomo World Malaria Day Press Release

BMGF Grant Award

External Advisory Committee (EAC)

Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM)

Integrated Vector Management (IVM)

Liverpool Insect Testing Establishment (LITE)




Application Technology

Interceptor® G2


Fludora® Fusion

SumiShield™ 50WG

Proof of Concepts

Attractive Targeted Sugar Baits (ATSB®)

Spatial Repellents (Push Pull)

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Indo-Pacific Initiative (IPI)

Zika Grand Challenge Projects

Outdoor Biting Control

Surface Chemistry

Insecticide Discovery & Development

L Smedley

Danielle Brennan

David McGuire

Dr Marlize Coleman

Karen Johnson

Lori Lewis

Gary Ward

Christina Berry-Moorcroft

David Worrall

Dr Christen Fornadel

Andrew Deyi Saibu

Dr Alan Ayers

Dr Stephania Herodotou

Combating Zika and Future Threats Nominee Summaries

IVCC Modelling Summary Slides, May 2019

Dr Michael MacDonald

Richard Adey

Vasanthan Paul John

Dr Owen Jones

Dr Seth Irish

Dr Trevor Perrior

Dr Colin Ruscoe

Dr John Pickett CBE FRS

Dr James Turner

Patrick Rose

Dr Nicole Achee

Dr Werner Bomann

Allison Tatarsky

Dr Anne Wilson

Dr Frank Rosenfeldt

Dr Anthony White

Dr Thomas Churcher

Dr Pascal Housset

Julie Wallace

Dr Philip Welkhoff

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

Alan Court

Sherwin Charles

Jeremy Lefroy

Duncan Preston

John Ngosa

Molly Robertson

Constance Bart Plange

Dr Francisco Saute

Dr Halima Mwenesi

Dr Joshua Yukich

Juan Manual Urrutia

Kojo Lokko

IVCC Annual Report 2007-2008

IVCC Annual Report 2010-2011

IVCC Annual Report 2011-2012

IVCC Annual Report 2012-2013

IVCC Annual Report 2013-2014

IVCC Annual Report 2014-2015

IVCC Annual Report 2015-2016

IVCC Annual Report 2016-2017

IVCC Annual Report 2017-2018

IVCC Annual Report 2008-2009

Annual Report 2006-2007

ZERO by 40 – Q&As

ZERO by 40 – Press Release

ZERO by 40 – Key Messages

ZERO by 40 – Commitment

IVCC Good Laboratory Practice Play Icon

Accounts 2011

Accounts 2012

Accounts 2013

Accounts 2014

Accounts 2015

Accounts 2017

Insecticide Space Spraying for Preventing Malaria Transmission – Pryce J, Choi L, Richardson M, Malone D

Control of Residual Malaria Parasite Transmission – WHO Guidance Note

Dr Cheong Huat Tan

Professor Tom Burkot

Dr Leanne Robinson

Dr Moses Laman

Dr Tessa Knox

Professor Dennis Shanks

Actellic CS

ZERO by 40 Envisioning Paper

Handbook for Integrated Vector Management

Impact of Eliminating Malaria by 2040 on Poverty Rates among Agricultural Households in Africa – Derek W. Willis & Nick Hamon

Potential Relationship between Malaria Elimination and Reducing Stunting in Children in sub-Saharan Africa – Derek W. Willis & Nick Hamon

Evidence for the Impact of Malaria on Agricultural Household Income in Sub-Saharan Africa – Derek W. Willis & Nick Hamon

Eliminating Malaria by 2040 among Agricultural Households in Africa: Potential Impact on Health, Labor Productivity, Education and Gender Equality – Derek W. Willis & Nick Hamon

Impact Modelling IVCC and Imperial College London


Target Product Profiles (TPPs)

Market Access Initiatives- NgenIRS and the New Nets Project

Dual Active Ingredient Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (Dual AI LLIN)

Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS)

Chemical Analysis

African Trials Facilities

Insecticide Candidates for LLIN TPP

Global Market Access

Resistance Profiling

Zika Grand Challenge Project Launch Press Release

Zika Grand Challenge Project Results Press Release

Vector Expedited Review Voucher (VERV)


A New Incentive to Overcome the Market Failure in Public Health Use Pesticides: VERV

VERV Health Affairs

Market Access Initiatives

Global Plan for Insecticide Resistance Management

EAC – Terms of Reference

Indo-Pacific Initiative (IPI) Advisory Group

ResistanceSIM: Development and Acceptability Study of a Serious Game to Improve Understanding of Insecticide Resistance Management in Vector Control Programmes

The True Meaning of Eradication Booklet – Willis Research

Multi-Country Assessment of Residual Bio-Efficacy of Insecticides Used for Indoor Residual Spraying in Malaria Control on Different Surface Types

Wall-Type and Indoor Residual Spraying Application Quality Affect the Residual Efficacy of Indoor Residual Spray against Wild Malaria Vector in Southwest Ethiopia

The Residual Life of Bendiocarb on Different Substrates under Laboratory and Field Conditions in Benin, Western Africa

Short Persistence of Bendiocarb Sprayed on Pervious Walls and its Implication for the Indoor Residual Spray Programme in Ethiopia

The Lancet – Malaria Eradication within a Generation: Ambitious, Achievable, and Necessary

WHO Strategic Advisory Group on Malaria Eradication

Professor Charles Wondji

Professor Matthew Thomas

World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Technical Strategy for Malaria (2016-2030)

Dr Jane Bonds

Why Insecticide Resistance Management matters Play Icon

IVCC Hosts 2019 Stakeholder Conference

Under the conference theme, ‘Partnering for Impact’, IVCC

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IVCC Supporting PAMCA

IVCC had a strong presence at this years’ Pan African Mosquito...

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Larry Norton


Chaccour et al. BMJ Glob Health 2018 Trial Protocol Moz

NgenIRS Evidence Fact Sheet Ghana

NgenIRS Evidence Fact Sheet Mali IRS and SMC

NgenIRS Evidence Fact Sheet Mali

Wagman et al. Malar J 2018 Impact of IRS Mali

VCWG Talk Christen Fornadel 2019

NgenIRS Evidence Fact Sheet Ghana Dec 2018

Poster MIM NgenIRS Mali IRS+SMC April 18

Poster MIM NgenIRS Mali Shifting IRS April 18

NgenIRS Moz CRT Year1 Wrap Up MIM April 18

NGenIRS_Evidence Presentation MIM April18

Actellic® 300CS English

Actellic® 300CS French

Poster IRM and Product Pipeline April 2018

SumiShield® 50WG English

SumiShield® 50WG French

World Malaria Report 2018

Autodissemination Report

Aerial Application

Larviciding for Malaria Control in Africa

UCSF MEI Aerial Spraying Technical Note

Royal Guard®

Technical, Regulatory and Market Access Landscapes – Summary

Interceptor G2 Volume Guarantee – BASF

IVCC Supports Innovative Mosquito Net Initiative

IVCC plays its part in a major milestone which will accelerate...

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Market Access Landscape Report – Cambodia

Market Access Landscape Report – Indonesia

Market Access Landscape Report – Malaysia

Market Access Landscape Report – Papua New Guinea

Market Access Landscape Report – Vietnam

Regulatory Landscape Report

Technical Landscape Report

Technical, Regulatory and Market Access Landscapes – Main Report

Market Access Landscape Report – Myanmar

Tech Update October 2019

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Tech Update October 2019

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Nick Hamon, IVCC

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Dr Ruth Shakespeare, Mulanje Mission Hospital Malawi

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Dan Strickman, IVCC

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Graham Small, IVCC

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Goizper

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Achim Reddig, BASF

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Marion Law, WHO

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – David McGuire, IVCC

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Alexandra Cameron, Unitaid

IVCC Stakeholder Forum 2019 – Molly Robinson, PATH

IVCC Launches Landscape Studies for Indo-Pacific Region

IVCC has published three landscape studies as part of $18.75M grant.

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Tech Update November 2017

Tech Update July 2017

Tech Update August 2017

Tech Update Sept 2017

Tech Update June 2017

World Malaria Report 2019

Dr Elizabeth Chizema-Kawesha

IVCC's Annual Report 2018-2019 Available Now

The IVCC Annual Report 2018-2019 has been published.

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IVCC Annual Report 2018-2019

Dr Jennifer Armistead


2 Billion Mosquito Nets Delivered

Global malaria community scale up and distribution of insecticide-treated nets saves and protects millions

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NgenIRS Evidence: Cost-effectiveness FactSheet

NgenIRS Evidence: Ghana IRS FactSheet

NgenIRS Evidence: Mali IRS and SMC FactSheet

NgenIRS Evidence: Mali IRS Factsheet

NgenIRS Evidence: Mozambique RCT FactSheet

NgenIRS Evidence: Summary FactSheet

The Role of Windows of Selection and Windows of Dominance in the Evolution of Insecticide Resistance

Insecticide Resistance Evolution with Mixtures and Sequences – A Model-Based Explanation

Tech Update January 2020

Tech Update January 2020

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Yukich et al. NgenIRS Cost and Cost-effectiveness Poster ASTMH 2019

Wagman et al. NgenIRS Moz Ento Impact Poster ASTMH 2019

Robertson et al. NgenIRS CRT Methods Moz Presentation ASTMH 2019

Elobolobo et al. NgenIRS Mobile Data collection Moz Poster ASTMH 2019

Chaccour et al. COST Impact Poster ASTMH 2019

Alonso et al. NgenIRS IRS Cost and Cost-effectiveness Moz District Poster ASTMH 2019

Large-Scale Field Trial of ATSB for the Control of Malaria Vector Mosquitoes in Mali, West Africa

Janneke Snetselaar

Evidence Base for New Dual-AI Nets

Jon Schofield

COVID-19, Malaria and IVCC

As the world grapples with COVID-19, there is a renewed awareness of the effects of infectious diseases...

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Accelerating Innovations

Breakthroughs in disease control have come with leaps in understanding and new methods of control.

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Gene Drive - Geek Out!

The subject for this blog is one of my favourites: Gene Drive! Based on a pre-print with great insights...

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NgenIRS: The Evidence Play Icon

NgenIRS Evidence: French Slides

NgenIRS Evidence: English Slides

NgenIRS: Project Overview

NgenIRS Evidence Launch

Evidence material published - The NgenIRS programme resulted...

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Tech Update April 2020

Tech Update April 2020

ZERO by 40 – COVID-19 Statement

Volcanic Glass Spray Shows Promise

IVCC supports a study, by NCSU, testing indoor residual sprays.

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Developing Laboratory Capacity for Good Laboratory Practice Certification

Lessons from a Tanzanian Insecticide Testing Facility

Identifying the enablers and barriers in the capacity to achieve GLP...

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Dr Welbeck Oumbouke

Jameel Bharmal

Tech Update August 2020

Tech Update August 2020

Ensuring Mosquito Net Distribution Could Halve Malaria

LLIN distribution could help halve the number of deaths from Malaria during...

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IVCC Overview

Key Highlights – What We Have Achieved

Laboratory and Field Trials

New Product Development

Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM) and Integrated Vector Management (IVM)

Vector Control

The Role of Product Development (PDP) Partnerships

External Scientific Advisory Committees

The Role of Modelling

Project Overview – Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait Product Development

Project Overview – Next Generation Indoor Residual Sprays (NgenIRS)

Project Overview – Indo-Pacific Initiative (IPI)

Project Overview – New Nets Project (NNP)

Project Overview – ZERO by 40

Professor Joan Cordiner

IVCC's Ambassador Pack

IVCC has developed its new ‘Ambassador Pack’ which is now available digitally or in hard copy version.

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Indo-Pacific Initiative: Delivering through Partnership

On Friday 21st August, APLMA will hold the second of its Malaria Gamechangers roundtable series...

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World Mosquito Day 2020

Today is World Mosquito Day, an event that has been going since 1897 when Sir Ronald Ross declared...

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An Expert Review of Spatial Repellents for Mosquito Control

LITE Has a New Website

LITE has launched a new website. LITE was established by LSTM and funded by IVCC.

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Professor Koen Peeters

Sara McManus

Dr Marie Lamy

Dr Alexandra Cameron

IVCC Legal Officer Job Description and Person Specification

Vector Control MOOC Launched

LSHTM and its ARCTEC team, IVCC and LSTM are launching a brand new MOOC on vector control...

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Job Description and Person Specification – Deputy Director Technical Development

Job Description and Person Specification – Deputy Director Portfolio Management

Dr Angela Harris

Patrick Mulqueen

Modelling Research Fellow Links Up with IVCC

IVCC, in partnership with Imperial College, London, is delighted to welcome Dr Ellie Sherrard-Smith...

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Goodbye Malaria, Masks Initiative – For Communities by Communities Play Icon

TEDxAberystwyth, Andy Hardy – Drones gathering spatial intelligence for malaria elimination Play Icon

Surface Type in IRS

During my MSc I developed an interest in vector control and carried out my research project with IVCC...

Read More >

Helen Fletcher

10 Challenges 10 Solutions

IVCC Ambassador Pack (full)

Tech Update November 2020

Tech Update November 2020

Terri-Lee Holmes

John Hughes

World Malaria Report 2020

World Malaria Report 2020

The World Malaria Report provides a comprehensive update on global and regional malaria data and trends.

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Future David Beckham Announced the End of Malaria

New short film features David Beckham speaking from the future...

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Annual Report 2019-2020

IVCC’s Annual Report 2019-2020 Available Now

LSTM Modern Slavery Statement 2020

Fraud Bribery and Corruption Policy

Criminal Finances Act 2017

Project Proposals

Complete Project Specification

Flow Chart for all IVCC New Product Development Proposals

Job Description and Person Specification

Tech Update January 2021

Tech Update January 2021

Keeping the Promise

New Routes to Market

In collaboration with private companies and NMCPs, IVCC is working on New Routes to Market...

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Personal Experiences with Malaria

Throughout the years, my experience of malaria has evolved, from personal to professional and a mix...

Read More >

Acceleration of LLIN Formulation Development

Avient and IVCC are creating a new masterbatch production laboratory to support R&D for LLINs...

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Accelerating Global Health R&D

Accelerating Global Health R&D Report

Tech Update May 2021

Tech Update May 2021

Ioana Ursu

Lethal House Lures for Malaria Control

The potential contribution of house-based interventions to malaria control and elimination...

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Dr Jackie Cook

Forest Packs Could Have Public Health Impact

Recent semi-field results from Project BITE show that forest packs containing bite prevention tools...

Read More >

Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) Trials Facility Granted

IVCC has the pleasure of announcing that Ifakara Health Institute has been granted GLP...

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Innovative technologies for pre-development

Agtech360 - podcast interview with IVCC CEO Nick Hamon

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World Mosquito Day 2021 - 20th August 2021

Tech Update Summer 2021

Tech Update Summer 2021

Dr Keziah Malm

John Gimnig

Dr Gabriela Zollner

IVCC welcomes RTS,S malaria vaccine announcement

VIDEO: Vector Expedited Review Voucher (VERV)

IVCC supports Malaria No More UK report

A New Incentive in the Battle Against Mosquito-Borne Diseases: Vector Expedited Review Voucher (VERV) Play Icon

IRS Community Trial begins in Papua New Guinea

Last week, indoor residual spraying (IRS) began in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

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Tech Update Autumn 2021

Multi-site comparison of factors influencing progress of African insecticide testing facilities towards an international Quality Management System certification_Begg et all_2021

Zero by 40 full report

Zero by 40 summary report

Annual report 2021

IVCC's Annual report 2021

IVCC's Annual report 2021

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Promising new tools against malaria

Large Scale Epidemiological studies begin for ATSB®

Tech Update Winter 2022

Tech Update Winter 2022

Sub award policy

VCAG report on Interceptor® G2 and RoyalGuard

Interim NNP evidence slide deck

Chi Phan

The Lancet - Dual active ingredient bed net trial

Vector Expedited Review Voucher

A New Incentive in the Battle Against Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Mitsui’s VECTRON™ T500 under assessment by WHO-PQT/VCP

Bite prevention tools protection

Bite prevention tools significantly protect against landing in Cambodia field trial

Read More >

Jeremy Macklin

Tim Ziemer

Goodbye Malaria – empowering women in Malaria programmes

Empowering women in Malaria programmes

Tech Update Summer 2022

Tech Update Summer 2022

Chief Executive Officer Nick Hamon announces retirement

Kigali Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases Summit

All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) visit IVCC

MMV and IVCC make 240 compounds available to stimulate research into new drugs and insecticides

MMV and IVCC launch the Global Health Priority Box 

Burkina Faso Multi-Product Campaign Process Evaluation

ATSB®- a potential new outdoor biting intervention tool

Interceptor® G2 (IG2) effective at preventing malaria

Dr Laura Roberts

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

8th PAMCA Annual Conference and Exhibition

Implementing IRM by rotating IRS products

By Graham Small & Janneke Snetselaar

Read More >

Full interim evidence report

ITN Indicator supplement

Tech Update Autumn 2022

Tech Update Autumn 2022

IVCC supports scientists fighting against malaria

IVCC at the ASTMH 2022 Annual Meeting – Seattle

Call for External Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Subaward Policy

World Malaria Report 2022

IVCC’s Annual Report 2021-2022

IVCC's Annual Report 2021-2022

IVCC appoints new Chair

IVCC appoints Justin McBeath as new CEO

IVCC attends launch of the WHO's World Malaria Report

New incentive for vector control product innovation

IVCC marks the passing of Colin Ruscoe

Natalie Lissenden

Growing evidence base for WHO policy recommendation

Tech update Winter 2023

Tech Update Winter 2023

How to make the most of VERV

Justin McBeath

IVCC to attend 18th Annual Meeting of the VCWG

VECTRON™ T500 achieves WHO prequalification

Policy recommendation for new type of ITN

A Voucher System To Speed Review Could Promote A New Generation Of Insecticides To Fight Vector-Borne Diseases

New entomological facility opened by PNGIMR

World Malaria Day 2023

Tech Update Spring 2023

Tech Update Spring 2023

New members join IVCC's ESAC

IVCC attends UK parliament to mark World Malaria Day

Mark Latham

Dr Egon Weinmuller

Dr Samwel Okello

Susan Russell

Jon Bastow

Robin Davies

IVCC strengthens capacity for research at CSRS

ESAC Entomologist Advert

ESAC Epidemiologist Advert

ESAC looking for experts in entomology and epidemiology

IVCC Stakeholder Forum Agenda

Ray Nishimoto

Tech Update Summer 2023

Tech Update Summer 2023

Download the Tech Updates highlighting vector biology and control news, publications and resources.

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IVCC at PAMCA 2023

Stakeholder conference useful information

IVCC supports GLP for field trial sites in Africa

Dr. Corine Ngufor

Dr Kate Kolaczinski

Jan Kolaczinski

Giles Galliou

Dr Moses Laman

Sérgio Lopes

Achim Reddig

Laura Vavassori

Melinda Hadi

Allison Tatarsky

Dr Baltazar Candrinho

Barnabas Zogo

Anastasia Isodje

Hilary Ranson

Otubea Owusu Akrofi

Dr Edi Constant

Dr. Damaris Matoke-Muhia

Meera Venkatesan

IVCC Stakeholder Forum attendee list

Jeffrey L. Moe

Dave Malone

Amir Galili

Samuel Asiedu

Susanne Stutz

IVCC at the ASTMH 2023 Annual Meeting

IVCC hosts 2023 Stakeholder Forum

Anne Wilson

Dr Ulrike Fillinger

New experts in entomology and in epidemiology join ESAC

IVCC supports addressing global health issues

Tech Update Autumn 2023

Tech Update Autumn 2023

Download the Tech Updates highlighting vector biology and control news, publications and resources.

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World Malaria Report 2023

IVCC IHI Data Analysis Workshop at the IHI

Annual report 2022-2023

Annual Report 2022-2023 Annual Reports Icon

IVCC's Annual Report 2022-2023

Labour Party MPs and Malaria No More UK visit IVCC

VERV Regulatory Guidance published

Annual report summary 2022-2023

Annual Report summary 2022-2023 Annual Reports Icon

Tech Update January 2024

Tech Update January 2024

Download the Tech Updates highlighting vector biology and control news, publications and resources.

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Call for External Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Session 2 CEO Presentation


Session 6 Edi

Session 6 Ngufor

Session 7 Envu

Session 7 BASF Interceptor G2

Session 7 Vestergaard

Session 7 MCCLS

Session 7 Sumitomo Chemical

Session 7 Westham

Session 8 BITE

Session 8 IPI

Session 8 NATNAT Project

Session 9 EDI

Session 10 NRTM

SAPCA Pest news – Feb 2024

Mining against malaria

Mining against malaria Publications Icon

VERV stakeholder event in Washington DC

Vector control delivers global impact to reach the SDGs

IVCC receives grant funding from Australian Government

New Nets Prevent 13 Million Malaria Cases

NNP press release April 2024

NNP infographic

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