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IVCC at the 9th PAMCA Annual Conference and Exhibition – Ethiopia 2023

18th September 2023
IVCC at the 9th PAMCA Annual Conference and Exhibition – Ethiopia 2023

IVCC is delighted to take part in the Annual Conference of the Pan African Mosquito Association (PAMCA) in Adis Ababa, Ethiopia, from the 17th to 21st of September.

With a focus on reorienting surveillance and management in the context of emerging threats of disease vectors, this year’s conference will be thought-provoking and stimulating.

To find out about the work of IVCC, its partnerships, and its pipeline of innovative vector control solutions, visit the IVCC booth throughout the conference.

IVCC will also contribute to several Parallel Symposiums, Parallel Scientific Sessions, and Turbo Talks, presenting updates about specific projects and initiatives.

Partners in IVCC’s Indo-Pacific Initiative (IPI), will showcase the latest developments in novel bite prevention tools against mosquitoes in Thailand and Cambodia, on Monday 18th (12:15-13:00*) during Parallel Turbo Talk Sessions 1-5: (Turbo Talk 1) Semi-field evaluations of the impact of novel bite prevention interventions on Anopheles minimus landing and key life history traits in Thailand and (Tubo Talk 2) Field evaluation of novel mosquito bite prevention tools against Anopheles mosquitoes in Cambodia.

 Steps in the development, registration, and deployment of a new insecticide chemistry to help tackle the growing threat of insecticide resistance in malaria vectors in sub-Saharan Africa is another important topic at PAMCA 2023. IVCC team member Christen Fornadel will present on Defining a preliminary discriminating concentration for use in broflanilide susceptibility monitoring during the rollout of VECTRONTM T500 in sub-Saharan Africa​, during Symposium 8, organised by IVCC’s partner Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions. It takes place on Monday 18th from 16:00*, in Ballroom 3.

 On the second day of the conference, IVCC project partners will also contribute to Parallel Scientific Session 7 (10:20* to 12:00, Ballroom 2) on Vetor Surveillance: Residual bio-efficacy of Attractive Targeted sugar  Bait stations targeting malaria vectors  during seasonal  deployment  in Western province of Zambia. You can also catch a Turbo Talk on Blood meal sources of primary and secondary vectors and malaria positivity rate in a malaria endemic area of Western Province, Zambia, during the Parallel Turbo Talk Session 7 from 12:15 onward in Ballroom 2.

Also on the second day of the conference, don’t miss the poster on: Evidence from an observational trial of dual–active ingredient nets indicates a comparatively higher effect on resistant mosquito entomological indices in Nigeria (ABS-414), presented by Adedapo Adeogun (Nigerian Institute of Medical Research). It showcases the work by The New Nets Project to evaluate the impact of dual–active ingredient (AI) bed nets (ITNs) on pyrethroid resistant vector populations in Nigeria.

Find out more about 9th PAMCA Annual Conference and Exhibition online, including the full conference programme, details about keynote speakers, the event’s sponsors, and exhibitors.

*All times shown are given in East Africa Time, the local time zone (Ethiopia is GMT+2h).

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