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IVCC supports events to celebrate the role of science and innovation in addressing global health issues

17th November 2023
IVCC supports events to celebrate the role of science and innovation in addressing global health issues

At a series of events in late September and early October, Malaria No More UK brought together leading scientists, innovators and policymakers to celebrate the work and role of science and innovation in the global fight against malaria.

First, IVCC attended a networking reception at this year’s Conservative Party Conference (Manchester, 1st to 4th October 2023). During the event, IVCC engaged in conversations with Andrew Mitchell (MP), Minister of State for Development and Africa, and Astrid Bonfield, CEO of Malaria No More UK. IVCC emphasized the critical importance of vector control innovation and product development partnerships. These collaborations are essential in addressing the emerging threat of insecticide resistance, which is reducing the efficacy of established tools.

The following week, IVCC CEO Justin MacBeath participated in roundtable event discussion the future of global health. Against the backdrop of the Labour Party Conference (Liverpool, 8th to 11th October) Malaria No More UK convened Labour MPs, Labour candidates, academics, scientists, and industry representatives. Justin highlighted the crucial role of Product Development Partnerships in creating new vector control tools and ensuring fair access for vulnerable populations.

It was followed by Global Health Networking Reception, hosted by STOPAIDS and Malaria No More UK. Virendra Sharma (MP) opened the event, alongside Astrid Bonfield who showcased the Finish the Job campaign: urging decision makers to commit to ending malaria in our lifetimes. Anyika Onoura, Team BG World & Olympic medallist, shared her experience of falling ill with malaria ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics and emphasized the need for ongoing investment to end malaria.



IVCC CEO, Justin MacBeath at the Malaria No More UK Labour Party Conference breakfast roundtable. Image credit: Malaria No More UK.

From left to right: Catherine West (MP), Anyika Onoura and Virendra Sharma (MP) at the Global Health Networking Reception. Image credit: Malaria No More UK.

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