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IVCC Scientists in the UK Top 100

20th January 2014
IVCC Scientists in the UK Top 100

A list published by the Science Council last week reveals two of the UK’s leading practising scientists are working with IVCC. Since the company was formed in 2005, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart has been Chairman of its Board of Trustees, and Dr John Pickett Chairman of the Public Health Expert Scientific Advisory Committee.

Dr Nick Hamon, CEO of IVCC, said that this was a significant recognition of the high level of scientific commitment to the work of IVCC worldwide. ‘We are truly honoured  to have some of the best scientists in the world cooperating with us. Some of them work with us directly like Sir Mark Moody-Stuart and Dr John Pickett, and others work within our partner organisations, and on our scientific advisory committees. Having 2% of UK top scientists on this list working with IVCC is a pretty good record!’

To identify its list of 100 top scientists, the Science Council organised a competition around different ‘types’ of scientist roles to get a broad picture of the many different ways people work with science across UK society.

Chairman of the judging panel, Science Council President Sir Tom Blundell said: “The list shows that not all scientists wear white coats and that scientists are not only found in universities and research labs: they are literally everywhere in a wide variety of careers and occupations.”

After seeing the list David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science said: “This list helpfully challenges the perception that there is only one kind of scientist and highlights the different types of skills and challenges a career in science involves.”

Since it was formed in 2005 with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  IVCC has worked with some of the world’s leading agrochemical companies to identify new active ingredients that will form the basis of totally new insecticide solutions for malaria prevention, and ultimately help to bring about the eradication of the disease. IVCC’s Expert Scientific Advisory Committees have been responsible for drawing up stringent specifications for developing effective new tools in the fight against insect-borne disease, and for supporting partner organisations through the research and development process.

Companies partnering with IVCC have recently introduced two new insecticide formulations that prolong the effective life of current interventions and are proving to be valuable additional tools for malaria prevention.

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