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Board of Trustees

The IVCC Board of Trustees is responsible for delivery of the charitable objectives of IVCC. Through regular meetings and briefings, The Board of Trustees carries out its remit including the approval and appraisal of strategic and implementation plans, ensuring effective and appropriate disbursement of funds, monitoring the governance of IVCC and financial and legal audit responsibility. The Board of Trustees also guides and assists the IVCC management team in its relationships with partners, and supports communications, advocacy, and fundraising activities.

Sherwin Charles
Chair - Board of Trustees

Jon Schofield

Dr Elizabeth Chizema-Kawesha

Alan Court

Dr Pascal Housset

Jeremy Lefroy

Dr Keziah Malm

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart
Honorary Life Time President

Julie Wallace
Observer (Standing Invitee)

Dr Philip Welkoff
Observer (Standing Invitee)

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