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Vector control delivers global impact to reach the Sustainable Development Goals

20th March 2024
Vector control delivers global impact to reach the Sustainable Development Goals

During British Science Week (8th to 17th March, 2024), IVCC proudly participated in a UK parliamentary reception, showcasing the groundbreaking New Nets Project (NNP).

Hosted by STOPAIDS, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on HIV & AIDS, the APPG for life sciences, and the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee, the event celebrated the crucial role of UK-based science and innovation in advancing progress towards health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The evening spotlighted collaborative efforts between UK-led research and innovation institutions, and multilateral institutions, such as Unitaid, in accelerating global health responses through innovative new health products. Tenu Avafia, Deputy Director of Unitaid, spoke of the interconnected roles of Unitaid and The Global Fund in global health responses. The NNP, led by IVCC and funded by Unitaid and The Global Fund, piloted the use of new dual-insecticide nets in areas of moderate to high malaria transmission throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The project underscores the importance of product development and catalytic market-shaping interventions to deliver and scale up high-impact, cost-effective prevention tools that meet the needs of endemic countries.

While addressing the audience, Shadow Minister for Science, Research, and Innovation, Chi Onwurah, emphasized the pivotal role of partnerships in fostering innovation. The success and profound impact of the NNP are largely attributed to a geographically diverse consortium of partners. Their collaborative efforts encompassed trials, pilot studies, cost-effectiveness research, impact modelling, and implementation endeavours.

Chi also called for a commitment from governments to long-term stable funding, vital to deliver on global health goals.

Download the New Nets Project poster presented at the reception here.

L to R: Tenu Avafia (Deputy Director of Unitaid), Laura Roberts (IVCC Communications Manager) and Justin McBeath (IVCC CEO). Image Credit: Martha Varney / Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases APPG.

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