Vector Control, Saving Lives
  • World Mosquito Day—Stop malaria killing children

  • Fighting vector-borne disease

  • Every person matters

  • Protecting people, increasing prosperity

  • Working in partnership

  • Malaria can be stopped

  • Building partnerships across the world

  • Creating solutions to insect-borne disease

  • Photo of girls in Burkina Faso

    No child should die from malaria

  • Creating a future free from malaria

    Creating a future free from malaria

Our story

At IVCC we’re passionate about finishing the job we were set up to do. These videos tell some of the story.


    IVCC is working to bring all its vector control trial sites in Africa up to Good Laboratory Practice standards of quality control. This will ensure that the data produced by each trial site will be acceptable globally.
  • Heroic Chemistry

    Scientists who work in public health are the unsung heroes of our age. In Africa, local scientists are working to make their countries a safer and healthier place to live. Together scientists are fighting the battle against malaria. This video is a tribute to the scientists who are working with IVCC to develop effective new vector control tools. Together we will defeat malaria.
  • What is Vector Control?

    What exactly is Vector Control and why is it so important?
  • Insecticide Resistance: the Tipping Point

    Anti-malarial insecticides are widely recognised as one of the most important elements in the battle against malaria. But mosquitoes are developing resistance to the insecticides that are available, and this is becoming a serious issue. That's why developing new anti-malarial insecticides quickly is so essential to world health.
  • Every Person Matters

    The work we are doing is vital. Lives are being saved now through Vector Control, and many lives are at risk if we do not achieve our goals. Every life saved makes a difference. Every life lost diminishes us all—each one could be a Mandela, a Mozart, or an Einstein. Every person matters: every single one.