Vector Control, Sauver des Vies
  • Protéger les personnes, prospérité croissante

  • Lutter contre les maladies à transmission vectorie

  • Sauver des vies lutte antivectorielle

    Sauver des vies lutte antivectorielle

  • Création d'un avenir libre de la malaria

    Création d'un avenir libre de la malaria

  • La création de partenariats à travers le monde

  • Photo de filles au Burkina Faso

    Aucun enfant ne devrait mourir du paludisme

  • Travailler en partenariat

  • Le paludisme peut être arrêté

  • Créer des solutions aux maladies transmises par le

  • Chaque personne compte

  • Protéger les personnes, prospérité croissante

Notre histoire

Au IVCC nous sommes passionnés de finir le travail que nous avons mis en place à faire. Ces vidéos racontent une partie de l'histoire.

  • Heroic Chemistry

    Scientists who work in public health are the unsung heroes of our age. In Africa, local scientists are working to make their countries a safer and healthier place to live. Together scientists are fighting the battle against malaria. This video is a tribute to the scientists who are working with IVCC to develop effective new vector control tools. Together we will defeat malaria.
  • Progress to date — Stakeholder Day 2016

    Vector Control is an essential part of the battle against malaria. This short video, produced for the IVCC Stakeholder Day in 2016, shows progress today in the development of new vector control tools and solutions, and introduces IVCC's NgenIRS programme, and IVCC's involvement with Innovation to Impact.
  • Quelle est la lutte antivectorielle?

    What exactly is Vector Control and why is it so important?
  • Tous les questions de personne

    The work we are doing is vital. Lives are being saved now through Vector Control, and many lives are at risk if we do not achieve our goals. Every life saved makes a difference. Every life lost diminishes us all—each one could be a Mandela, a Mozart, or an Einstein. Every person matters: every single one.
  • Franchir la ligne d'arrivée

    We are nearly there. After extensive work by our industrial partners we are at the point of selecting several new classes of insecticides for final development. We have got this far with the help of many. We need you to help us cross the finish line.


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