Vector Control, Saving Lives

Creating a sustainable, competitive growing market

Children in Burkina Faso
05 June 2017

The work NgenIRS is doing in Africa is vital to the health and wellbeing of the young people who are particlarly at risk from malaria.

NgenIRS is helping by addressing the key barriers to Access in order to create a sustainable, growing market in Indoor Residual Spraying.

Wee're doing this by a series of market dhaping interventios: These are:

  1.  Demand
     Accelerate uptake of 3GIRS products
  2.  Market Stability
     Improve global forecasts for 3GIRS products
  3.  Competition and IRM
     Facilitate the introduction of competition with new quality assured products from several manufacturers
  4.  Affordability
     Reduce 3GIRS prices through co-payments, reliable and guaranteed forecasts 
  5.  Cost Effectiveness and Impact Research Evidence is Documents and Disseminated
     Evidence showing the cost effectiveness of 3GIRS products

We want to make the most effective, long lasting insecticides available to malaria control programmes to support their insecticide resistance management strategies. 


Jed Stone

Jed is responsible for how IVCC communicates with and is perceived by the world, as well as advocacy for vector control.