Vector Control, Saving Lives

So long. Farewell.

Jed Stone with hat
30 June 2017
Jed Stone

After five happy years at IVCC the day has come for me to retire from full-time employment. After nearly 50 years of writing, photography and communications I must confess I am ready for it. And ready for the next exciting chapter of my life, whatever it holds.

It has been a privilege and a joy to work at IVCC, not least because of my lovely colleagues. Not only are they talented and committed, but also they are genuinely nice people. They have made my work a joy.

Working at IVCC has been a unique opportunity to contribute to a mission that definitely makes a difference in the world. Vector control really does save lives. Winning the battle against the mosquitoes that spread diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Zika is probably still a long way off, but every day we are getting closer to that final victory.

I’m pleased that my place at IVCC has been taken by Chris Larkin, a seasoned communicator who has already demonstrated an exceptional ability to move IVCC forward. It’s been a special pleasure to work alongside Chris over the past six months and gradually hand over the reins of responsibility. You can learn more about Chris here. His contact details are here.

This is not the place to narrate the story of my life, but I can say Thank You to all those people who have encouraged, challenged, inspired and taught me. They are legion, in this world and the next. I have been especially blessed by my travels in rural Africa, and been humbled by the generosity and kindness I have found, sometimes in the poorest of places. Some of the beautiful people I have been privileged to photograph can be seen here. What a diverse and beautiful world of special individuals it is our privilege to move amongst.

As for me, to quote Prospero, my spells are all broken, and the only power I have is my own. The gentle wind that blows with memories of you will fill my ship’s sails in a new direction.

And so, I take my leave.  So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu, adiós, hwyl fawr, さようなら, 再见



Jed Stone IVCC

Jed Stone

Jed is responsible for how IVCC communicates with and is perceived by the world, as well as advocacy for vector control. With over four decades of communications experience he has worked in Northern Ireland, the Balkans, the Netherlands, the Caucasus, France, and Belgium. He brings to IVCC skills developed in journalism, photography, design, writing and online publishing in many not-for-profit development organisations. email: jed [dot] stone [at] ivcc [dot] com