Vector Control, Saving Lives

Key achievements, 2016

Discussing the Indoor Residual Spray campaign

NgenIRS provided $5.8 million in co-payment support, reducing the purchase price for PMI-funded procurements of 3GIRS in Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda and Zambia. This translated into 2.1 million additional people being protected by a 3GIRS product, an estimated 57% increase over what would have been possible without the co-payment.

05 May 2017
  •  At the end of 2016 an additional eight countries were added to the programme, tripling the number of partner countries over  2016. The resulting effect will be an estimated 6.8 million additional people protected by a 3GIRS product in 2017 due to the reduced price. 

  • A price elasticity study and the development of a rigorous methodology for developing a reliable and consolidated Africa-wide forecast of 3GIRS products were achieved. The forecasting tool will allow NgenIRS to provide a volume guarantee to 3GIRS manufacturers in return for a significant discount, allowing for increased coverage.

  • A cluster randomized control trial of Actellic® 300CS (co-funded by PMI) commenced in Mozambique to gather evidence on cost effectiveness.
  • NgenIRS negotiated a steep volume discount with Syngenta/Arysta for 2017, and began negotiations with Sumitomo and Bayer for collaboration on the launch of their respective 3GIRS products, pending WHO-recommendation.