Vector Control, Saving Lives

NgenIRS Project Launch

David McGuire, Project Director

A pan-African project launch event was held in Kigali, Rwanda on September 28th.

15 October 2016

The event was co-hosted by Unitaid, the Government of Rwanda and IVCC and included representatives from all partner countries, IVCC and all NgenIRS partners, PMI, Abt, PATH and The Gobal Fund.

In addition the insecticide manufacturers and distributors of 3GIRS products that have been recommended by WHO or are currently under review and expected to be launched in partnership with NgenIRS participated in the event. 

All residents in Rwanda are at risk of malaria but the national malaria control programme is dedicated to eliminate the disease and is working towards a pre-elimination phase. 

David McGuire, Project Director emphasized the importance of expanding the use of 3rd generation IRS (3GIRS) insecticides  to maintain the important role of mosquito control in combating malaria.